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DFence Background

DFence is a company that has been founded to provide highly professional, expert yet affordable IT Security services, specializing in penetration testing.

The strength of D-Fence is its consultants, all of whom started their professional careers securing vital UK Government IT systems, when nobody else could fit the bill. Our consultants were trained by the best, for the best.

The press make it apparent that even high profile major corporations and government agencies are not always getting to grips with IT Security as effectively as they need to; witness the constant stream of newspaper headlines reporting successful 'hacking' attempts - and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Through its consultants DFence is able to provide the full spectrum of security solutions from individual web servers to multi-million pound e-commerce networks.

Why Choose DFence?

We are specialists in IT Security - There is nobody better (No idle boast)

D-Fence provides a professional service tailored to the needs of each client and only for that client security works both ways.

The ability of our staff and the power of our combined team are second to none, but we understand the importance of giving value for money.

We have the experience to assess correctly the time needed to carry out the work for which we have quoted, if we get that wrong then we lose out not you.

Ensuring the security of your IT systems is an ongoing process. Whenever D-Fence provides a solution or service it is with the knowledge that we have taken into account the future needs and threats to your systems.

We are looking, and want to build lasting business relationships.

We will supply and install appropriate security hardware and software, however, we are not and will not be a reseller, we are independent of any vendor and can select the products best suited to your needs.





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